Command, Control & Communications- Control Room



The Command and Control Room forms the nerve centre of the modern Fire & Rescue Service.  As incidents increasingly become more complex, Fire Service control centre operators have an ever greater need for a variety of up-to-date information to be immediately available.  The system capability has to keep pace with these needs, but without being over-complex for the user. 

Resque 4i brings a fresh approach to command and control, communications and incident, resource
and resource attribute management that provides Emergency Services with increased economic and efficiency benefits, made available through sharing control centre resources and the provision of fall back 'buddy' arrangements, across multiple partner agencies, ensuring continued quality of service.  

Features of the Remsdaq Resque 4i software include:  

Remsdaq's Resquenx has kept pace with the needs of the Fire & Rescue Services, providing a solution to meet today's demands.  Remsdaq has always appreciated that success is also dependant on the ease of use by Fire Service control centre operators.