Command, Control & Communications- Station End



The Station End Mobilising System (SEMS) equipment is located within the fire station and receives dispatch requests from the Command & Control Centre, either direct from the operator position or the Communications Processor. 

Remsdaq recently launched FireNET, a modular next generation SEMS that offers a complete set of mobilising functions, facilities and interfaces for the reliable and rapid turnout of personnel and appliances. 

FireNET consists of a main controller unit (with no moving parts) and a plug in I/O module.  It has been designed as a small wall-mounted enclosure with an inherent 8 hour stand-by battery (there is also an optional stand-by power capability of up to 48 hours, if required, that is housed separately.)

The system is fully compatible with the Remsdaq Control Room solution and also suitable for integration with third party command and control systems.

Remsdaq FireNET features include:

Optional modules for electronic Time & Attendance and payroll data transfer FireNET can also be tailored to accommodate the various needs of each fire station within a Fire and Rescue Service.  Various communication bearers can be chosen that are most suitable for individual stations.  FireNET can also activate a variety of equipment suited to the different needs of Wholetime, Day Crew and Retained stations.

Benefits of a Remsdaq FireNET SEMS Solution:

The Remsdaq FireNET built-in two-door, access control system is time-stamped and can be used to collect information such as personnel attendance (at the fire station or incident) and the asset tracking of equipment.

Other external peripheral devices such as bay indicator lights, coloured LED scrolling displays, burglar and fire alarm systems may also be connected to the FireNET.

In operation with numerous UK Fire & Rescue Services, the Remsdaq FireNET SEMS solution is a popular and effective field-proven solution.