Integrated Security - Perimeter Intruder Detection System



A Perimeter Intruder Detection System (PIDS) is usually installed in an outdoor environment at the perimeter limits or around sensitive, high-risk areas. The sensors detect, deter, and delay intruders.  The system provides critical time for security teams to respond to any unauthorised intrusion.                                                                                  


Sabre is the Remsdaq designed and manufactured fibre optic PIDS solution of which the complete product range includes:

  • SabreFonic – fibre optic sensor cables attached to a fence to detect vibration caused by attempts to climb, crawl under or sever the fence.
  • SabreFonic RDBPS - portable fibre optic cable designed for rapid deployment on temporary fencing. Alarms can be transmitted by radio or cable to nearby guards or patrols.
  • SabreLine – buried fibre optic pressure sensor providing a covert detection system.  An intruder is detected by changes in pressure from walking or crawling.  
  • Optimesh and Aquamesh - woven fibre optic sensor net forming an alarmed sensor barrier. Deployed within building walls, mobile container shells or in underwater culverts and off-shore rigs.
  • SabreTape - fibre optic sensor cable encased within barbed steel tape. An alarm is generated when the SabreTape sensor is broken for example, under the force of an intruder attempting to climb or break through the fence.

Sabre II is the processor hardware designed for use with Remsdaq’s SabreFonic (fence-mounted) and SabreLine (buried) sensor cables. 

Benefits of a Sabre PIDS Solution

  • Ease of installation
  • Cost Effective for small and large applications
  • Simple and intuitive to use
  • Suitable for high-security applications
  • Field proven reliability even in difficult environments
  • Low maintenance
  • Low nuisance alarm rate

The Sabre II processor module combines digital signal processing and environmental compensation algorithms to provide the highest levels of detection and discrimination whilst ensuring a minimum of nuisance alarms due to natural causes.  It also offers reliable classification of events including cut and climb. 


PIDS Configuration is the latest software configuration tool available for commissioning engineers to quickly and easily tune their SabreFonic or SabreLine installations locally from their PC.

Benefits of a Sabre PIDS Configuration

  • Simple and intuitive to use
  • Choice of user languages
  • Easy application of existing settings
  • Integrated help with step by step channel commissioning guides
  • Visual indications show when the peak signal exceeds configured thresholds
  • Standalone application