Integrated Security - Access Control



It is important to allow the flow of authorised and controlled movement within a building or area, but securing your premises against intruders and unwanted guests is vital in order to protect your property, assets and personnel.


Benefits of an EntroStar Security System>>

Benefits of an EntroStar Duo Security System>>

Multi-award winning EntroStar® and the EntroStar®DUO are designed and manufactured by Remsdaq Ltd. They are the world's first PoE+ enabled BACnet access control units making these groundbreaking systems the way forward in access control. Some of the features a Remsdaq EntroStar® and Remsdaq EntroStar®DUO access control system can offer are:

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Benefits of a StarNET Security system>>

StarNET is the remote electronic hardware that provides the Remsdaq access control solution.  It can either be standalone or as part of an integrated system.  When StarNET is combined with Remsdaq’s StarWatch Security Management System it provides a comprehensive, fully scaleable and cost-effective access control solution.  Some of the features a Remsdaq StarNET access control system can offer are: