Integrated Security - applications



Access Control

Remsdaq access control systems are deployed in a wide variety of applications which share a common goal of wishing to restrict access to known authorised individuals and to keep an electronic record of such activity. Access Control applications include; physical access, verification, time & attendance, car parking, cashless vending, physical guard tours, lone-person working, alarm storage and emergency mustering. Remsdaq access control systems have been proven to be both reliable and effective in the rigours of real-world applications. 

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Remsdaq-designed and installed CCTV systems have numerous monitoring and control applications. They can be both standalone or fully integrated with access control and perimeter intruder detection systems (PIDS). CCTV applications include the monitoring and control of; city centres, roads, hazardous industrial processes (explosion proof cameras), office facilities and military sites. Remsdaq design tailored CCTV solutions specifically for your application and company, incorporating your unique needs.  
Cable Theft Detection System                                                                                                                       

The Sabre cable theft detection system provides a reliable, covert and highly effective early warning of potential cable theft from troughs, hangers or overhead gantries. Utilising a fibre optic sensor cable and digital signal processing analysers, the Sabre system is able to operate in harsh environments prone to either Electromagnetic or Radio Frequency disturbance. The sensor cable can be covertly installed as part of a new installation or easily retrofitted to existing installations.  Early warning alarms can be provided via a Remsdaq StarWatch integrated alarm and video management solution or via simple volt free contact for connection to third party alarm or SCADA systems

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Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems (PIDS)

The latest digital signal processing and fibre optic technology that Remsdaq perimeter systems use has varied applications for a wide variety of industries. Fence mounted and buried applications include protecting the perimeters of; nuclear power plants, government offices, transport storage, military bases, VIP residences, prisons and highly sensitive areas. Rapid Deployment Barrier Protection System (RDBPS) applications include the temporary protection of; construction sites, cargo at airports and high-value assets. Building fabric applications include the internal and external walls of prisons, government offices, VIP residences, banks (safe storage, document storage and safety deposit rooms), museums and radioactive waste storage.  Underwater applications can include protecting; sewage outfalls, culverts, sensitive marine life and underwater tunnels. 

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