Integrated Security - CCTV



CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) is a visual surveillance tool for monitoring a variety of environments and activities.  As part of an integrated security system, CCTV can greatly enhance the efficiency of a security operation.  

Remsdaq’s StarWatch Security Management System offers seamless integration with popular CCTV matrix switchers. When an alarm occurs, the system can take control of relevant cameras and monitors by triggering camera presets.  This  provides automatic call-up of relevant CCTV images and activating video recording devices. Overall effectiveness of response to an incident is greatly improved.

CCTV images and controls can also be supported directly on a StarWatch workstation. This is a particularly attractive option where control room space is at a premium.

Systems typically involve a fixed (or dedicated) communications link between cameras and monitors.  A system of high-resolution cameras are employed at strategic locations with full pan, tilt, and zoom ability.

Modern CCTV systems may involve sophisticated technology such as wireless CCTV, internet accessible/IP CCTV, motion detection, night vision and computer assisted operation. 

The design of CCTV systems has become a much more empirical process over the last 10 years with accepted test standards for systems using ROTAKIN test targets and Test Signal Generators, removing the subjective nature of system performance.  Remsdaq has expertise in all these relevant facets of the industry and has designed and installed both standalone CCTV and fully integrated systems.

CCTV has crossed over into the IT domain.  With Video Over IP being a reality, it is essential that the impact on a client’s network is managed.  Remsdaq also has considerable experience and knowledge in this area.

Remsdaq project engineers will assess your premises and the surrounding area, helping help you to choose equipment that suits your requirements and budget.  The result will be a well-designed, integrated system that will help to ensure your business is monitored and fully protected.