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Increasingly large companies and organisations require the integration of various security functions under one common control system.    Remsdaq has considerable expertise in designing, installing and upgrading complete systems for even the most complex of environments. 

EntroWatch is the world's first licence free access control system to use a Windows 8™ style dashboard management and control display. This innovation means any menu is a maximum of 2 clicks away. Automatic hardware discovery and set-up wizard make EntroWatch the simplest of systems to deploy. Designed to facilitate growth and expansion, EntroWatch has no hard limits for doors or cardholders being governed only by SQL Server Express™ in terms of database size and client licenses. EntroWatch re-defines the industry standard for licence free security management software by including an integral badge designer, automated triggers, security lockdown, anti-passback and an ONVIF video client. Features include:

1subject to SQL Server Express 10GB database limit

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The Remsdaq-designed and developed StarWatch Integrated Security Management System can provide a platform for a single security application, such as access control, to a solution incorporating many functions.  When the StarWatch security management software is combined with the Remsdaq StarNET electronic hardware, it offers a total and integrated security management system.   Features include:

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