SCADA - Substation Control & Automation



Conformance to open industry standards, flexibility, scalability and reliability are cornerstones of Remsdaq's ability to respond to utility transmission and distribution substation automation requirements alike. Callistonx, its supportive hardware and software library, together with Celestenx user interface facilities together provide the overarching solution to meet even the most demanding substation applications.

Callistonx is not just an IEC 61850 compliant logical device; the extent of its configurable hardware, database and logical node software enables it to be tailored to meet a wide variety of applications that would commonly occupy multiple logical devices. The powerful, flexible building block properties of Callistonx and Celestenx seamlessly assemble for a total distributed substation automation solution that may encompass:

Remsdaq is ready to respond to your substation automation requirements with a system engineered and configured from a standard library of field proven hardware and software modules.